Thursday, 26 January 2012


It's cold here. And I mean COLD. Today I believe the highest temperature was around -7 or -8 ... yes, I did say the highest. And there was an *icy* wind. I resorted to two pairs of trousers and to trying to cover up every bit of skin possible. When I go out, especially into the wind, my eyes instantly start to water; and then when I go indoors, my nose instantly starts to run. Very attractive!

The forecast is for it to get colder. There have been dark mutterings about it reaching -15 ... Ooer! But I think that's only expected at night. I hope, anyway.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the market in search of thermals and jumpers, maybe even one of those classic Russian hats!
Somehow I just know I'm not going to look quite so moody ...


  1. Wow, what an adventure! People here getting excited over temps down to 2C and occasional snow flurries ...

    But, um, did they tell you that it's traditional to catch your own bearskin for your hat?