Sunday, 8 January 2012


I've arrived! The journey was simple, smooth and trouble-free. Met at the airport by a friend, who brought me to where I'm living (should I write "staying" or "living"?), took me shopping for essentials etc. The apartment I've been given, for the time being at least, is right in the heart of downtown Odessa. It's huge, with 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, and in very good condition. I have it all to myself at the moment, although usually it's used for foreign students who come to learn Russian/Ukrainian - there just aren't any here at the moment. When there are, I may be offered somewhere else. But for now, this will do very nicely!
This is my room:

And, btw, that is all the luggage I brought with me. Usually I'm crap at travelling light and take far too much stuff away with me. But, I think that's not bad for 6 months! (OK, there are a couple of parcels on their way as well, but still ...)

OK. It's late and I'm very tired. Time to try out the whirlpool bath! Then sleep. :)
Spokoinoi nochi!

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