Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Here's part of the explanation for my choice of title for this blog.
Anyone who's aware of recent cultural developments in the UK will know that immigration has become a "major issue", and that increasingly (if the mass media are to be believed) a part of British society likes to lay the responsibility for its grievances at the feet of "immigrants". Particularly featured among these are people from Eastern Europe - currently unpopular largely, it seems, because they are the most recent arrivals. I, of course, have gone from the UK to Eastern Europe, that is to say I have gone "the other way". Since I abhor the growth of this "little Englander" mentality, I am pleased to draw attention to, and celebrate, my geo-social contrariness. Hence the title. Small rant over.


  1. I googled 'the other way' and found this on Yahoo Answers:

    Does my uncle swing the other way or do you think it was just a careless mistake?

    i saw my uncle's the part where it says "interested in" it says women and men...umm do you think he's gay or do you think it was just a mistake? he's married to a woman....

    omg. Should you perhaps change your title to 'the middle way' or 'every which way' to avoid speculation of this sort?

  2. Hi Andrew! Nice to hear from you.
    Perhaps I will live to regret my nonchalance, but to be honest I'm not really bothered how people speculate about the meaning. They can read my explanations, such as they are, after all. Or am I being short-sighted?