Monday, 9 January 2012

Next day

Much sleep later ...

A stroll round the area near my apartment today. The weather cold and grey. Streets familiar to me from previous visits, but this time walking along them repeating, rather incredulously and excitedly, "I live here" to myself, trying to experience them from that perspective.

Had lunch in a favourite cafe.

I wonder if the day will come when I don't get given an English-language menu, even without uttering a word. Foreigners are noticeable to the locals!

I got talking to an American man who's here looking for a wife - a fact he shared without a trace of awkwardness. From the amount of time (months, and on more than one occasion) he's been here, the different places he's visited, and the number of "girlfriends" he's apparently had, who have however "never become serious" about him, I guess he wasn't having much luck! He seemed like a pleasant enough guy - although I thought his apparent inability to understand even the simplest Russian phrase spoke volumes about attitude. And I couldn't help thinking his lack of success might have something to do with the book about the Illuminati which he was reading (and prominently displaying) - Ukrainian women may be keen to find foreign husbands, but they're also renowned for being pretty hard-headed. Flakiness is, I suspect, unlikely to impress! I wished him well in his search and headed back out to the streets and the now-fading light.

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